The MRTC Winter Off-Road Race Series is a collection of four races run each year during the months of January and February. The Memphis weather, as crazy and unpredictable as it is, could deliver a race where it's 70 degrees yet be a cold icy rain or snow day for the next. And trail runners run through it all.

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2022 Winter Off Road Series

THE 2022 RACE DATES (Start time for each distance will be 2pm)

3K - Jan 16 - Overton Park

5K - Jan 30 - Johnson Park, Collierville

8K - Feb 13 - Nesbit Park, Bartlett (aka Stanky Creek)

10K - Feb 27 - Shelby Farms

Register for the series or any of the single races!

Pre-registration (up until the night before the first race) for non-members:$70
Pre-registration (up until the night before the first race) for MRTC members:$45

Registration for the series on/after the first race for non-members:$80
Registration for the series on/after the first race for MRTC members $55

Fees for individual races - members and non-members $20

If you register early and online, you'll be sent your chip and bib in the mail 2-3 weeks before the first race. Be sure to watch our website OR like us on Facebook for registration announcements. We will be mailing out packets in the first week of Janauary.

We WILL NOT have our laptops set up for onsite registration this year as we normally do. The online registration site will remain open, so please register online before leaving your house or you can register on your own personal device at the race.
If you did not recieve your bib/chip and shirt in the mail, you will be able to pick it up at any of the races. We will be ready for you to pick-up your things beginning at 11:30 am.

All participants of the full series will receive a long sleeve cotton t-shirt. Single race day registrants will not get a shirt.

Results will be posted via email and posted online and the awards will be distributed once the full series is complete.

A points system will be used for both Overall and Age Group awards for the 4-race series. There are no awards for individual races. To be eligible for an award you must run at least 3 of the 4 races. Those runners who complete all 4 races will receive an extra point. Age groups are calculated off the age at the last race of the series.
The awards go 3-deep in Overall Open, 3-deep in Masters, 1-deep in Grand Masters, 1-deep in Senior Master and 3-deep in age groups. Fast runners can miss a race and still (possibly) qualify for an award, depending on the competition. Anyone found sending a substitute to run for them will be completely disqualified from the series. Ties will be broken based on the best performance in the longest race. All decisions made by MRTC will be final.

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