V is for Volunteering

You can help the running community by being a volunteer at MRTC contracted events. Just look on our MRTC event calendar.

If you are interested in being added to the notification list for volunteer opportunities, simply send an email to Nancy Brewton and let her know if you want to be on the weekly list or the special event list. Each week, a call for volunteers is sent out and you are asked to respond if you can work a particular event. Then the day before the event, the job list is sent out. For each race you earn 10 Volunteer points.

Other ways of volunteering include working on special projects, serving on a committee, or serving in an office. If you're interested in helping, contact Nancy Brewton.

Volunteer Points

As you know, MRTC is a non-profit organization made up solely of unpaid volunteers (with the exception of an administrative secretary who receives a very minimal salary). Our goal is to promote running in as many various ways as possible. Administering the finish lines at races is one of these ways. Sometimes, this takes only a handful of volunteers and sometimes, it takes many more, depending on the size of the race.

At the Holiday Party in January the Top 25 non-board member volunteers will receive an All Star garment as a thank you from MRTC.

The Finish Line Crew

What is a FINISH LINE CREW (FLC)? Who are those people running around in neon shirts and red jackets like busy ants swarming the Start & Finish lines, the Results Tables and everywhere in between?

The MRTC Finish Line Crew is a group of dedicated MRTC volunteers who come out weekend after weekend to work the finish lines of 90+ races/club events put on annually.

Would you like a bright green shirt? An awesome Red Jacket? To be on the Finish Line Crew you must be able to work a majority of the annual events. At the end of the calendar year the Director of Volunteers reviews volunteer hours to determine the most active. If they are new to the program and are not currently on the FLC they are asked if they would like to sign away their life for a jacket and a shirt.

Just email Nancy Brewton,, Volunteer Coordinator. She will add you to the volunteer list and you will receive a weekly email (per event). If you can help, reply in the affirmative to Nancy. If not, just delete the email.