Race Director's Corner

Welcome Race Directors!! You have the unenviable job of putting together a complete race for your event. Not an easy task and we understand completely. That is why we've put together a great checklist to aid you in your quest to have a well organized, smooth running race, with no hiccups.

Race Director Checklist:

______ Step 1: Secure a race date (see scheduling policy)
______ Step 2: New Race Orientation (if applicable)
______ Step 3: Complete Event Contract Form & Agreement
______ Step 4: Street/Course Permits & Traffic Control
______ Step 5: Race Calendars
______ Step 6: Race Registration and MRTC Member Discount
______ Step 7: Race Awards
______ Step 8: Race Day Volunteers
______ Step 9: Web Site for registration

The most important step...please read carefully:

All events seeking assistance from the MRTC must obtain a tentative event date from the MRTC Event Scheduler. Contact April Flanigan, MRTC Administrative Secretary via email at aflanigan@memphisrunners.com. We book up at least year in advance, so do not procrastinate.


The MRTC BOD is not currently approving providing services for any new Sunday events, to allow our volunteers time on the weekend with their loved ones.

All dates assigned for an event are tentative until a hard copy of the MRTC Event Contract is signed and delivered to the address below with a two hundred dollar ($200.00) non-refundable deposit.